Constabulary Notes From All Over: Weston’s Worst Intersections 2022

Gratuitous photo of Knox, about to head off to a traffic accident

With a nod to The New Yorker, which used to frequently quote police blotter “events” in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Owl presents the 2022 Worst Intersections of Weston. If you are not a New Yorker reader (and I do question why in the world you wouldn’t be) Constabulary Notes from All Over would frequently quote the wackiest stories from the police beat in Bar Harbor. A favorite edition of mine had a resident pick up a stunned seagull on a roadway to take it to the vet, the seagull woke up mid-journey, and the subsequent flight-fest in the pick-up truck (because…Maine) caused an accident where no one, not even the seagull, was hurt. If you don’t follow TC and the Duck of Justice on the Bangor PD facebook page, well, it’s a lot wordier, but the end hilarity is the same. No duck, no justice.

Anyway, where was I? Happy Monday! On Thursday, returning from early school drop-off, I noted accident #22,766* at the intersection of Highland and Route 20. As a north-south driver, I am not unaccustomed to seeing an accident at that intersection–meaning, I would estimate once a week I see Officer Rizzitello (Hi, Knox!) or one of Weston’s other finest with cars with flashy blue lights, talking with the seemingly-normally-unhurt motorists. It’s a nasty intersection, but it turns out, not our worst. The actual top 5 (in number of accidents) might surprise you.

The following top-five (drumroll please) was provided by Acting Chief/Captain Tom Kelly.

#1                Rt 20 at Boston Post Rd (west of Highland St)   

#2                Rt 20 at Wellesley St

#3                Rt 30 at River Rd

#4                Wellesley St/Maple Rd/Meadowbrook Rd

#5                Rt 20 at Highland St  

So, yes, Route 20 is a total winner with three of the five worst intersections. #2 Rt 20 at Wellesley is soon to get a fix, but it seems time to do something about the Hell Zone of Route 20 at BPR and Highland, non? Oui. As an additional scare tactic I will mention that the Owlets will be driving in less than a year, and we cross BPR at Highland every.single. day. It’s that or move the high school north which would work, too.

#4 Maple/Meadowbrook/Wellesley

What’s your big surprise? For me, there were three. First is the whole Wellesley/Maple/Meadowbrook issue. What? Are people in a rush to their tee time? Bizarre. The second is that School Street/Route 20, a perennial contender, has dropped off the podium. And third….The Intersection of Doom is also off the list…could the four-way stop be working? Or shall I say three-way-stop/one-way roll is working…yesterday on a break from art class at the AIC, I counted scofflaws for five minutes–of 20 cars through the intersection west to east, only ONE right-turn lane car stopped. One. All others rolled right through. Ah, Massachusetts, where stop means go. Please see the recent Owl tutorial on Four-Way Intersections.

And there you have it, Weston. Drive safely! And stop ‘Cats (when the sign says so)!

*Not actually the number

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  • I’ve noticed the odd (?) behavior in front of the AIC too. Cars going east roll through the 4-way stop – but only cars going that direction.

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