Weston Reservoir Clean-Up–Inside (the Fence) Edition Tuesday

Weston Reservoir before the fence (and while you could boat on it), 1904

Volunteers will again get the opportunity to get inside the fence at the Weston Reservoir (aka the Ash Street Reservoir) on Tuesday, March 29 from 12 pm – 2 pm. While access to the waterfront is normally blocked off not to mention verboten, a group of volunteers is coming together to alleviate the scourge of dog poo bags, a badly-thrown (apparently) football, and a neon golf ball, among other treasures. And no, you don’t even have to run from the police–the MWRA is unlocking the gate for the volunteers.

Volunteers should park at the south parking lot, and walk across Ash Street to the field. Come for a little while or stay for the whole time if you can. It’s unusual to get an inside view of the reservoir, as well as marvel at all the litter.

If anyone has questions, please contact Sonya at svn27@yahoo.com

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