Lexington, We Have A Problem – EDCO Dissolution

Can’t we all just get along?

It looks like it’s time to storm one of our neighbor towns, Westonians–let’s round up the Minute People at Lamson Playground and march at dawn. Okay, maybe like 9 am after the traffic calms a bit crossing 117 at Church Street.

Before you get out your best walking shoes, here’s what’s going on. In summary, Weston is one of 16 towns in an educational collaborative called EDCO–along with Lexington (war-starters), Lincoln (massive Minute Man force), Bedford (ditto, plus Buccaneers) and some other less warfare-y places like Brookline and maybe Boxborough. What actually goes on in Boxborough? I do not know.

Yeah, Bedford gets a star for being HQ and also for being Buccaneers in spite of being land-locked.

EDCO was founded as a happy collaborative of urban and suburban school districts serving the Greater Boston area. It was governed by a board of directors comprised of superintendents and school committee members representing each of the member school districts. Sadly (or maybe happily, what do I know?), EDCO programs and services closed as of June 30, 2021, and the final closure of the Collaborative as an organization is on June 30, 2022.

Now EDCO owes some very bad people a lot of money. Oh, fine, they’re not bad people but the collaborative ended in a deficit which all the member towns agreed that they would cover. Except one. Dear neighbor, let’s review the definition of a collaborative= something accomplished by working together with others. No offense, but that needs work, Lexington.

If Lexington, possibly still feeling ornery after the events of 1775, decides that they are not going to pay, this leaves the remaining 15 districts in the Collaborative to pay the Lexington share, which will be around $20,000 each. Guess what? We don’t want to. Things we can do with $20,000 in Weston: spend it on our own students. Or pay for spring yard clean-up. Why do you think the Owl believes in Leave the Leaves and No Mow May? She hates bankruptcy.

According to the recording of last week’s Weston School Committee meeting, (video here), a letter would be sent to encourage Lexington to pay what they owe and honor their commitment. Perhaps it will be illustrated with the golden rule where we do unto others, etc etc. Please note that the Owl did reach out a feathered wing to the chair of the Lexington School Committee for comment…alas…no response.

The Owl will be back if we need to start marching or boycotting their Panera Bread location or soccer teams.

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