McDonald’s Signs Three-Year Lease for Josiah Smith Tavern Space

New signage going in at JoST

Yesterday, McDonald’s Corporation signed a three-year lease agreement with the Friends of the Josiah Smith Tavern to rent the restaurant space in what was formerly the JST Barn. It is the first time McDonald’s has opened a fast-food location inside a 1700s-era building.

“We could not imagine a spot more perfect to sell our hamburgers and shakes,” said Chuck Berger, McDonald’s Chief Sales Officer. “I mean we’ve been following Dairy Joy’s success for decades and we were just waiting for our chance.”

Requirements of the space mean that McDonald’s normal color scheme of yellow and brown will be muted into a historically-accurate mustard yellow and elderberry. Signage has not yet been determined but it seems that a tasteful wooden “M ” will be placed over the main French doors.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Josiah Smith Tavern said only that this was definitely the most unexpected result of the two-year long search for the perfect leaseholder for the space.

“Little did we realize that farm to table was actually something that McDonald’s has been doing for a long time now. I mean potatoes and beef–those are all farmable,” said the FoJoST spokesperson who asked for anonymity fearing reprisal from competitors at Burger King.

So, there you have it, Weston. With luck, the doors will open by Celebrate Weston Day on May 21. Who needs a Big Mac while touring the historical society exhibit? You do.

Happy April Fool’s Day, Weston!


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