Tree By-Law/Sustainable Tree Initiative Back at Planning Board Wednesday

Weston trees

Discussion of the proposed Sustainable Tree Initiative (aka Tree By-Law) is back on the agenda at Planning Board Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at roughly 7:45 pm (it is the second item on the agenda, so the exact timing is unclear). The agenda screenshot is below, but I suggest hitting this link and then you see all the cool background information and actual official documents.

Partial screenshot of agenda (please see link for full agenda)

The STI proposal has changed significantly from its first version, and in response to feedback from the Planning Board’s numerous Public Hearings. The By-Law will now regulate only the setback (or perimeter) of every yard. This makes Weston’s By-Law much similar to those of our neighboring towns. The latest version of the by-law can be found at this link.

For those of you who post photos of massive tree death and swaths of land being cleared by developers on neighboring properties, this By-Law will not save you. It will save only the trees that are on the perimeter of the property. At least you don’t have to look into the kitchens of the 8 million square foot neighboring house. Yes, kitchens, plural. And you too can get a good laugh at their real estate listings with the “views of the woods.” Or not.

Please attend to learn more or to get questions or issues answered.

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