Run For Ukraine Saturday April 9 at Burchard Park

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

The Owl feels like it has been almost a few days since mentioning how awesome our Weston High School students are, so I’m back and full of the usual awe at their enthusiasm and getting-it-done-edness (It’s a word; I too went to public school). This time it’s the turn of the Weston High School Cross Country (XC) and Track and Field teams who are inviting you all for a pleasure run through Burchard Park and College Pond–not actually through the pond, you understand, but through the conservation area.

The charity run, titled Weston High School XC/Track & Field Fundraiser for Rotary International Ukraine Disaster Response Fund (not even I can make that into a functioning acronym and I tried), is hereafter known as the Run for Ukraine and will take place Saturday, April 9 at 11 am. If you are not familiar with Burchard and College Pond areas, come out for a jog, a sprint or a walk. There is no time limit, qualifying time, or Heartbreak Hill. Only a Troll Bridge.

The run shall follow more or less the official Weston High School cross-country route (possible small deviation due to MUD and coyotes. Only the first item is true). You get extra points and ten seconds shaved off your time if you wear yellow and blue. No, not even that is true. Donations to the Fund are gratefully accepted–100% goes to the Disaster Response Fund.

Please note that all ages are welcome. If your 2-year-old can run faster than a coyote (there I go again), bring them. If you are lucky, there will be an autograph tent set up with the States-winning Girls Indoor Track team. I cannot promise that. You can order a t-shirt –funds also going to charity– which is designed by another talented Weston High School student Natalie Zhang. If you can’t wait for Saturday, please go over to this site and place your order. Get one for your friend.

T-shirt design

If you have any questions about appropriate footwear, how much to donate, or where to park (hint: Burchard Park is at 269 Concord Road and has ample free parking), please contact the organizer, Theo Luu WHS ’23 at

See you at Burchard and Go ‘cats!

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