Eyes on Owls in Lincoln on Monday, April 18, and Weston Owl Vacation

Yahoo! The owls are coming! If you find yourself stay-cationing this April break, head on over to Farrington Nature Linc in Lincoln to meet Marcia Wilson and her fabulous owls on Monday, April 18 at 4:30 pm.

Marcia Wilson, Naturalist of Eyes on Owls, will introduce the audience to owls found in New England and other parts of the world. Marcia imitates the owls’ calls herself, paying special attention to the more common owls that we might encounter in our area.

After a hooting lesson and much audience anticipation, Marcia brings out the live owls one at a time. With each owl perched securely on her gloved hand, she walks out among the audience with six owls. There’s plenty of time for close-up views, photos, and questions.

 Each owl presented has a permanent disability that prevents them from surviving on its own in the wild. These non-releasable owls serve as captivating ambassadors from the world of wildlife. All the owls are legally permitted by state and federal agencies for use in environmental educational programs.

Tickets can be purchased at: https://bit.ly/fnlevents


Please note that the Weston Owl is on her usual “Operação Tartaruga” or Turtle Operation during the public schools’ vacation week. Stay safe, and enjoy the holidays if you celebrate some or all of them, and go patriots! Beat those redcoats on Lexington Green! Fine, it seems like they do every single year but maybe just once there will be a surprise…

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