Living History This Weekend in Lexington, Lincoln & Concord

North Bridge, November 2018

One of the biggest thrills I got about moving to Weston was realizing that we were so close to where the colonial history of the US had begun (and yes, close to where indigenous people were treated very very badly). While I had realized this proximity while attending the best college on the planet (that is Wellesley, feel free to fight me; I plan to perfect my musket skills this weekend) there was little time and no car to go exploring. Also I am all in favor of re-enactments except at 5:30 am. Seriously, Lexington, we do not have to be completely historically accurate.

Just a normal day in Lexington

There is lots to do and see this weekend and through Tuesday in the Minute Man corridor. While Weston is not re-enacting a gathering at Lamson’s barn (now Lamson Park), feel free to walk entirely on trails all the way to Lincoln. It is possible. Do not shoot anything–that is verboten. Events started last weekend in Concord, but today has a number of interesting activities as well. If it were me, I would spend time on the Minute Man National Park activities (that all afternoon history hike on Tuesday is soooooooo tempting but waitlist only for shuttle bus back) — North Bridge is just gorgeous (TREES!) and I am so going to the lantern walk if it is not raining. If you’ve never read the memorial to the British soldiers at North Bridge, well, there’s no other way to say it even if trite: war is tragic.

Events with the National Park Service:

Events at Lexington Green/Lexington local museums:

Please note that if you are phonophobic (afraid of loud noises), these are not activities for you. Walk the trails another day.

Hartwell Tavern at Minute Man National Park

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