The Madness Begins Now, and Then, and Always: This Week in Weston

What do chipmunks have to do with it? Read on. Photo by Lenstravelier on Unsplash

First of all, the madness. Why is it 44 degrees on April 25? I am 90% sure it is supposed to be spring–my daffodils and forsythia claim it is so. And yet, here I am under a fleecy blanket with a cat and a dog burrowed in next to me. Also, where are the chipmunks and do they know something we don’t? Approximately 400000000 chipmunks call our stone wall home but I have yet to see one this year. Chippy-pocolypse, is this the final countdown?

Along with the aforementioned madness, the next few weeks will be a test of your Westonian-ness. A test of your community feelings as we head into the final two weeks before the Town Election and Town Meeting, accompanied by the sounds of leaf blowers (hours and hours of leaf blowers), chainsaws (don’t get me started), and the cheers of the WHS seniors as they head out into the wide wide world for their internships and graduation.

With the crazy comes the crazy. The tree by-law seems to have sucked every last breath of polite discussion from Community Facebook (this is actually an annual occurrence, which I foreshadowed here in the Owl, but no one listens. Signed, the red hen), we have not one but two anonymous sites with various “insights” about the town, and quite frankly, I think folks have forgotten we have A LOT on the town warrant that is not being discussed. It is going to be a loooong town meeting and I am bringing my knitting and I don’t even knit.

Okay, Owl, enough Monday fossicking for things to talk about. My suggestion is that you pull out your Town Warrant book and read it. Remember, we are voting on things like 5 Select Board members instead of 3. Has anyone even thought about that warrant article? It’s super quiet on that front. That is a big consideration, in case you think it’s easy to find 5 people to devote that time to the town. What about the water tanks? This town is about to (a) run out of water or (b) be flooded by water? Which is it? Do you know?

Actual photo of planned pickleball courts and pool complex in Weston. No, not really. Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

This brings me (very very slowly, but I’m there now) to tonight’s information session on the pickleball courts design, which is an ask on the Town Warrant. Pickleball is very very fun though the tickety-tack of the ball can make you insane if you are nearby. No pickleball at 7 am at Burchard because the red-winged blackbirds forbid it. I forbid it and yet, no one cares, as my teenage Owlet reminds me. Learn more tonight, and then tomorrow I will tell you about more tree info sessions, candidate’s night and all the good stuff coming up. Find the joy in the season, folks, and the chipmunks.

Pickleball Court Design Public Information Session, April 25, 7:00 pm by zoom.

Learn about the design fee request for pickleball courts being presented at Town Meeting. Share feedback on design concepts. Help the Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee choose the best location. Agenda here.

This meeting is hosted by the Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee. For more information, call the Recreation Department at 781-786-6260. Please note that this is a public information session and may be recorded. 

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