New Digs for Intuitive Wellness in “Downtown” Weston

Some of you may have met local business Intuitive Wellness through an Owl post last year, and some of you might have met them through actually doing some core work that I super need to do but hate with a passion. I will say that if I ever decided to get off my tush and get a good workout (besides my daily running), I would consider going to Intuitive Wellness where there seems to be a vast quantity of machinery that will miraculously and painlessly turn me into the mega force of nature I have always wanted to be. Also assisted stretching which is basically awesome.

While I met them (and by “them” I mean business partners Laura and Hailey) just to write the original story, I returned shortly thereafter when an Owlet had soccer injury number 30000000000002 and we needed some help with his recovery. One of the best ways to get moving and your body grooving turns out to be assisted stretching, which was what the Owlet did, as well as spending some time with Normatec compression pants to squish all the knots out of his legs. Or something like that; I am a little hazy on the technicalities.

Last year, Intuitive Wellness was in the basement–what is it they call them in England and New York City? Garden apartments?–of the north side of Boston Post Road pretty much under that green bank. Now, in a move that involved schlepping carts full of weights and stretchy stuff across the street, they are in that lovely historic red house at 436 Boston Post Road that may or may not have been a law office with a lot of papers in the windows.

Last week during spring break, with the Owlet on soccer injury number 3000000000000003, we stopped by for him to get squished/compressed whatever, and I took a tour with Laura of the new digs. I have to say it’s impressive. Bicycles, and back bendy machines, skatey platforms, weights, pulleys, torture pilates devices, they’ve got it all. And seem to know how to use them. Me being me, I was most interested in the sauna, the large relaxing chairs for the compression, the yoga room and the massage/stretching/Reiki room.

In case it’s not clear at this point, know that Intuitive Wellness has both training and recovery, and lots of information about both on their website. Also better pictures than mine. Classes include neurodiverse 1- on-1, neurodiverse group training, neurotypical 1-on-1, neurotypical small group training, Normatec air compression recovery, percussive therapy, isometric stretching, reiki, yoga, adapted yoga, meditations, and community healing events. And a cool blue sauna

Trippy Sauna

If you’re looking for a new wellness place to call home, look no further. Go take a look at Intuitive Wellness, or take a trial class. Work out local!

Update: 4/27 4:53 pm This post has been edited for clarity. And bad grammar and a bad pun.

Please note that this is not a paid advertisement nor were any services rendered in trade. I just like them.


  • “you would be hard-pressed (haha) to find better equipment or better trainers”
    Hi! I take issue with this statement unless you have direct experience with the other trainer in town, Nicole Cotnoir of The Training Lab. She is experienced, extremely knowledgeable and IMO the best. High praise for her is well deserved. Maybe try her out if you haven’t already. I know you had one entry about the Training Lab when she first started, but she’s worthy of a revisit — even if just to give all of the great trainers in Weston the representation they deserve!

    • I am absolutely happy to return to the Training Lab as I did last year. I am not planning on pitting one Weston trainer against another. I will edit my post as I certainly meant no offense. I am an equal-opportunity visitor of Weston businesses. Thank you for springing to the defense of your favorite. I am a fan of Nicole, as she well knows, but for my son, I visit Intuitive Wellness for their recovery systems.

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