Tree By-Law Public Hearing Weds May 4 – Last One Before Town Meeting

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Here is my last unbiased post on trees this week. Consider yourselves warned. I too get to send my messages but mine shall not be anonymous. Unless written by my red oak tree and I will leave it to him/her to decide that, or perhaps sign a waiver. Yes, my trees talk to me…yours don’t? That may explain some things.


On Wednesday, May 4 at 7 pm, the Planning Board will host one more Public Discussion before the Sustainable Tree Initiative/Tree Bylaw comes up for a vote at Town Meeting on May 9. I have lost count of how many sessions Planning has done to get input from the town. Let’s say 15 million just to round up slightly. Fine, I got the real number from the Planning Board itself: Wednesday will be the 4th Public Hearing (the state requires 1), plus 3 listening sessions, plus one on-camera deliberation.

You can find the amended proposed By-Law at this link or at this QR code:

You can find the linked agenda for Planning Board or a screenshot below:

(partial screenshot only–please see linked agenda for full information)

Once the Owl received the recording of the League of Women Voters’ info session from April 28, it shall also be posted.

Listen, learn and hug your trees. I do. My trees. Your trees too if they remain.

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