Weston Annual Report for 2021 Now Available Online and On Paper

Weston’s Annual Town Report for 2021 is now available. It will not be mailed to you but you can see a copy at Town Hall or Town Meeting (see details below) or take a look online. Don’t miss out on at least a browse of this amazing document–you cannot help but be impressed by the stunning amount of work that volunteers and employees do for this town.

The Annual report “describes the work done by all of Weston’s committees and departments, details the services provided to residents, highlights the extensive response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and showcases a community that accomplished great things,” including a major upgrade to the historic town center. It is also a reminder, at least to this Owl, that volunteers deserve relentless kudos and ongoing respect, whether or not you agree with their perspective. All of them put themselves out there by name and subject themselves to sometimes hurtful and personal criticism.

As always, I find Town Election and Town Meeting season to be a weird time warp where a wonderful community gets a little wonky, and then has to find its way back to who we really are. A community. It is tempting to head out of town for the next week…and yet, no. I am going to head out of town today for a little alma mater time so will be handing it over to the Parliament of Owls for today.

The Weston Annual town report is available at the Weston Public Library and at Town Hall in the Town Manager and Town Clerk’s Offices. Copies of the Report will be available during Annual Town Election on May 7th and at Annual Town Meeting on May 9th. In addition, the 2021 Annual Town Report is available online.

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