Weston Town Election Results

Measurer of Lumber- elect out in the very live trees after voting

Good morning, Weston. This may be one of my last posts since my election yesterday as a Measurer of Lumber for the Town of Weston. I am pretty sure that my love of trees is a conflict of interest. Hmmm. I shall consult the Owl attorney on this one. Thank you to all who showed up and were counted yesterday or by absentee ballot before then.


Weston 2022 Election Results (parenthetical value is number of votes)

Moderator: Ripley Hastings (702)

Select Board: Laurie Bent (653)

Assessor:Paul Zorfass (631)

School Committee (2 positions): Maija Cirulis-Gooch (608), Jeffrey Lucas (559), Anita Raman (392)

Recreation Commission (2 positions): Trevor MacDonald (616), Andrew D’Amaro (602)

Planning Board: Shawn Lanier (634)

Library Trustees (2 positions, 3 years): Heidi Hardin (614), Shaheen Parks (602)

Library Trustees (1 year vacancy): Emily Hutcheson (637)

Board of Health: Laura Azzam (652)

Commissioner of Trust Funds: Andrew Van Ogtrop (627)

Measurers of Lumber (3 positions): Kristin Barbieri (609), David Hutcheson (588), Michael Cooper (555)

Question 1 (Prop 2 1/2): Yes (518) No (296)

Congratulations to all, and thank you for being willing to serve in a volunteer role for the town of Weston.

See you at Town Meeting Monday, May 9, 2022. 7 pm, Weston High School Auditorium

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