“Rendez-Vous” at the Library and Meet Your Neighbors There Too

Tourmaline SeaCécile Ganne

Did you know that the Weston Public Library hosts monthly “galleries‘ in the Community Room hallway every month? Yes, of course you know that because you subscribe to the WPL newsletter and visit them all.the.time. While tempting to go down the rabbit hole of how wonderful our Weston Public Library is, the Owl shall resist and just mention this month’s gallery-in-residence and also welcome everyone to Meet Your Neighbor Thursdays–back as of last week.

Art: “Rendez-Vous” with Cécile Ganne, artist

Cécile Ganne is exhibiting her work at the Weston Public Library for the month of May.  There are 15 large oil paintings hanging in the gallery off of the main lobby and they are pretty amazing. The space is open to the public during regular library hours.

Here is a link to Ms. Ganne’s website for more information.  https://cecileganne.com/exhibits

Social: Meet Your Neighbors Social Hour Thursdays

Come out to the Library and Meet Your Neighbors! This is a casual social gathering where the community can meet new friends or check in with old ones. Yes, we will all still talk to each other after Town Meeting. Trust me–every single year election season blows up the town, and then we all go back to being us because really, we are only “fighting” because we love our town so much. Go ‘cats. Detente begins Tuesday, and oui, now I’m feeling all Frenchy.

Social hour at the Weston Public Library, Thursdays through June 23, 7 pm-8 pm. See you there.


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