Celebrate Weston on May 21: Blow-Your-Doors Off Fun for All

Totally committed to 1713 now.

With the battle behind us, and just a few left on the battlefield, it’s time for rapprochement, which is French for well, we all live here so might as well make the best of it. No, it means “an establishment or resumption of harmonious relations” and if the word “harmonious” in regards to anything Weston doesn’t make you laugh, you have not had as much coffee as I have had. I’d like to harmonious the Intersection of Doom. Alas.

Onwards. On Saturday, May 21 the town of Weston will celebrate itself by throwing the BIGGEST PARTY ever, or at least since Knox rolled his cannons through or Lamson got everyone together at the goat barn. Yes, it’s time for Celebrate Weston!! It’s Spring Fling, Historical Society Mania and music fest all rolled into one. There will be Touch A Truck, people!!! And if you don’t get over to the Fire Station to wish Chief Soar well on his retirement, and to vote on the incoming station pet name, you have missed out.

The program is now available here and I’m exhausted just looking at it, mostly because I have to condense my fun into two hours before swanning off to the Nutmeg State for rabble-rousing. Mark your calendars and expect to hear more about this event in the Owl, the official media sponsor of Celebrate Weston. No, not really, but only because no one asked.

Thank you to all the volunteers who are making this spectacular event spectacular! And harmonious.

Go ‘cats!

Battlefield map. No, not really, people. Where the fun stuff happens.

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