Did You Know? Weston’s Watering Trough

Photo credit: Weston Garden Club

If you actually stop at the four-way stop at Boston Post Road/School/Church (aka the Intersection of Doom), congratulations! You are part of the .00000015%! And the stoppers get a bonus view of Weston’s historic watering trough where General Knox took a drink while rolling the cannons along…oh fine, the 1890s trough post-dates General Knox and the Paul Revere bell tolling up there at the First Parish Church, as well.

In any case, you will probably be familiar with this giant white flower pot after its horse-watering years. Who says a second career is only for humans? Weston’s world-famous* watering trough has also moved around a bit, picking up and getting out of the way of cobblestones and road changes and traffic-calming measures but as of early 2020, it is in its permanent-for-now location. I, for one, am pretty happy with the new location since I was always a bit stressed out about the gardeners in the middle of the street when the trough was an island. As everyone knows, no trough is an island.

The lovely seasonal displays of flowers in the trough are arranged by Weston Garden Club. Early spring has tulips, summer geraniums and things I can’t name, and then fall usually finds a few squashes peering out from other things I can’t name, and then the holiday displays showcase evergreens and red ribbons. Those I can name.

When the trough was an island and the Christmas tree stood in front of Town Hall

A recent collaboration between the Weston Media Center, the Weston Historical Society, and the Weston Garden Club has produced a fascinating six-minute-long video about the history of something you drive past every day (and some of you BLOW past every day). I love some of the old photos of a horse with a carriage taking a drink (note the horse is drinking, not the carriage). Oh the good old days before fossil fuels. The video was completed as a gift from WMC, WHC and WGC to the town of Weston for Celebration Day. (Celebrate Weston is May 21, 2022).

Horses patiently waiting their turn at the trough. Credit: Weston Historical Society

Take a break, grab a glass of water, and watch this beautiful video. Celebrate Weston!

*as determined by the same people who decide the World Series is actually a world anything.


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