Fix-It First Bike Clinic at Celebrate Weston!

So, what’s going on at Celebrate Weston? Better think of it as what is NOT happening at Celebrate Weston this Saturday, May 21. Here are things I believe to be NOT happening at Celebrate Weston–Def Leppard live in concert (such a bummer), dunk tank for anyone who insulted a town volunteer at Town Meeting (yeah, sorry not sorry I couldn’t resist that comment) and Fix-It First Lamborghini Clinic. Fix it yourself, 9-miles-per-gallon people.

Okay, so one of the best events for those of us who are clueless about bicycle mechanics is the Fix-It First Bicycle Clinic. Note that this is not a drop-off event like “hey here’s my bicycle, please fix it and I will pick it up later.” Nope. You bring your bicycle with the squeaky wheel and little squeezy frog horn or tassels (no need to be ashamed), and the amazing volunteers will guide you through repairs and maintenance. This is known as teaching people to fish rather than handing them sushi. Or something like that.

Volunteers are prepared to help with bicycles with flat tires, rusty chains, loosened brake pads or general tightening and alignment. This event is free and open to the public.

Saturday, May 21 10am-12pm in front of the Art & Innovation Center, 356 Boston Post Road.

Celebrate Weston! And then go take a spin on the Rail Trail!

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