Downtown Traffic-Calming Measures Now Include a Joe Ferguson Sculpture

Photo credit: Weston AIC

You can’t say that Weston doesn’t try. After months of dealing with the crazy at the Intersection of Doom, Weston’s Traffic & Sidewalk Committee recently approved* the placement of an arresting (not in the Weston Police way which seems to have largely failed) sculpture by long-time Weston resident and artist Joe Ferguson. Those of you without heads under rocks might recognize the name because Joe’s stained glass art makes our Weston Public Library the colorful light place it is. If you have never been to the Weston Public Library, I question your priorities and remind you that tonight has an artist’s Rendezvous party near the Community Room AND Meet Your Neighbor at the Reading Room. Check out the stained glass while you’re there.

Where was I? Oh yes. If you happen to be a northsider, you will have immediately noticed this aluminum sculpture which appeared seemingly overnight (May 5) on the lawn which once held two large and pretty trees that went off to the great tree hunting ground, and are now honored by a septic system and two smaller trees in front of the Art & Innovation Center. At least that is how I remember the story.

The idea of the sculpture is to get people to actually STOP at the STOP sign and look at the sculpture before immediately attempting to cut off someone who had the gall to arrive at the same time as you. You can see that Mr. Ferguson has even sculpted an aluminum stop sign into the form.

Oh fine, my artist uncle (may he rest in peace) would seriously chew on me for making art into something pedestrian (and god forbid you’re a pedestrian at that intersection). It is a beautiful sculpture, called Counterpoint, and is on loan to the AIC and by extension, the Town of Weston. Lucky us! And lucky us that it has arrived just as the fun of Celebrate Weston kicks into full gear on Saturday, May 21. Please take some time to get close to the sculpture (not in your car, please) and see the wonderful light, shadow, and reflection.

Personally, the Owl feels a bit feather-ruffled to never have met Joe Ferguson, who you can meet by way of a Weston Media Center on the Artist’s website. I guarantee that all of you who have driven down Conant will all of a sudden say “aha!! I know that artist! There’s a stained glass and metal helicopter on his lawn!” which you will have noticed while waiting to pass a line of bicyclists huffing up the heartbreak hill right before Church Street.

In any case, the Owl is happy to see this beautiful art in front of the AIC. Good idea.

Artist – Joe Ferguson

Title – Counterpoint
Date – 1984
Medium – Welded aluminum

*T&S did not actually approve anything nor were they asked to.


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