Weekend Calendar: Celebrate Weston and Enjoy Spring Fling

Photo credit: Town of Weston

This will be the Owl’s only post today, partially because carpal tunnel syndrome threatens, and partially because she wants you to concentrate on one thing only. Tomorrow is this Town’s biggest party in a decade (since our tri-centennial) and if you miss it, there will be no further partying until we inaugurate new water tanks in the year 2050 or a new high school in 2070. Celebrate Weston!

The program is here, and you will want to read it in its entirety to see where/when the musical events are, plus speakers, historic displays (check out the Town Center throughout the years at the AC-ed AIC), antique cars, hidden minutemen, town organizations, a walk to the rail trail, bike clinic, arts and crafts including chalk graffiti on BPR, a climb up the First Parish tower, visits to town businesses, Touch a Truck and Police Car (but never ever K9 Knox), flowers at the GBT, visit to Fiske Law Office, ice cream at the FP cafe, and of course Spring Fling hosted by our fantastic high schoolers who promise not to flush any staplers down the Town Hall toilets. Don’t ask.

Given the incoming heat, here’s some Owl wisdom:

  1. Wear very light clothing or as little clothing as legally allowed (it’s Weston, so puritans probably say shirts and shorts, please).
  2. Wear sunblock.
  3. Visit the cooling tent at Town Hall (thank you, Fire Dept) or step inside the AC at any Weston business or at the JST or AIC. Take a break from time to time.
  4. Drink water, get water, be water.
  5. Celebrate Weston! Fling Spring!

Have fun, Weston!

Please note the Tierney Equine Show originally scheduled at Weston’s Dickson Rings on Sunday, May 22 is postponed due to the weather.

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