Beer Event at the Tavern: No, Not that Tavern

Which tavern could it be?

Welcome back to beer in Weston–wait, did the Tavern in the Tavern open? Sadly, no, but happily we have another Tavern [Museum] and they understand our need for a Thursday-night beer. The Golden Ball Tavern Museum invites you to their very wordy yet delicious (if you like beer) event called “Beer Then and Now: Talk, Tastings and Tidbits” on Thursday, June 9 at 6:30 pm. I am working on a new name for this event which I attended pre-pandemic and very much enjoyed. I might need a Pride & Parquet or Hoponius Union to feel creative.

Not familiar with the Golden Ball Tavern? Why not? I surmise you did not have a kid doing the whole Wax Museum thing at Field School. The GBT was a Loyalist Tavern and chose the wrong side in the revolutionary war (or did it? Sometimes I wonder, especially recently) but then figured out that coffee tastes better than tea –unless it’s spicy honey tea at Heirloom and then all bets are off. The Gibbet (fine, GBT) was a tavern for only 23 years–1770-1793. Wait, what? That was a pretty short time. What have they been doing since then? It would make a cool escape room location, no? Remember there was a storming of the tavern by the Patriots at some point sometime before Gronk joining. Does no one have a fourth grader who has visited and can remind me of all this? Oh yes, there’s a link here to learn more history.

This cool event (maybe a better title is Beer Ye, Beer Ye: Learn Some Stuff Too. Too wordy? Still working) is sponsored by Jack’s Abby Craft Brewery of Framingham. There will be stories about the importance of taverns and beer from the colonial period to today and the talk will be interspersed with tastings of present day offerings of Jack’s Abby craft lagers.  Light snacks will be available. Yum.

These events typically sell out fast – seating is limited so get your ticket today.  Tickets are $20 for members and $25 for non-members (not yet a member? Join Today using this link).

Purchase your tickets here. How about American Beers and Tory Tears? Hmmm.  

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