Race Amity Day Festival Coming to Weston on Sunday, June 12

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On the current list of “you learn something new every day,” did you know that Massachusetts has a National Race Amity Day on the Second Sunday of June each year? Yes, ’tis true. And in fact, there is a National Center for Race Amity organization which has about my favorite slogan ever, though one we as a country seem to forget quite a bit: “E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One.” No, it’s not just on your dollar bill. Live it, people.

So what is Massachusetts Race Amity Day? The technical part is that the law can be found under H 2745, Chapter 163, Acts of 2015 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In part, the Race Amity Day canon states: “The governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting apart the second Sunday in June as Massachusetts Race Amity Day to recognize that the people of the Commonwealth is comprised of multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial citizens, and to
encourage friendship, collegiality, civility, respect and kindness as the commonly shared ideals of the collective citizenry of the commonwealth by joining with communities across the United States to reflect on the beauty and richness of the diverse peoples of this great nation while reaching out with a spirit of amity toward one another annually and recommending that the day be observed in an appropriate manner by the people.”

This is a very long way of saying “be kind, respectful and learn about each other.” I do not know why Charlie Baker does not hire me as his communications director–we did both attend Kellogg for our MBAs in Marketing, and I feel I could help. Go ‘cats. Other ‘cats.

Back to Weston Wildcats. On Sunday, June 12, from 6-7:30 pm, the Race Amity Festival of Weston will take place on the Weston Town Green. Note that the timing means that you wil be able to get through the Intersection of Doom pretty easily. Full stop.

The evening will include diverse cultural presentations, music, and speakers. The Keynote Speaker will be Mr. Roland Gibson, whose lifetime service to advance social justice includes, among other noteworthy achievements, the development of the Weston-METCO program as a model for voluntary school desegregation.

Co-sponsors of the 2022 Race Amity Festival are the St. Julia Parish Social Justice Commission, Weston United
Methodist Church, First Parish Weston, Weston Wayland Interfaith Action Group, and Racial Justice Advocates First Parish Lincoln. You can watch a fun introductory video here. For more information, please email raceamityday2022@gmail.com.

Please note you should bring your own comfortable seating to the Town Green.

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