Portuguese Lesson: Tenho Dito

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Because the Owl risks losing readers who don’t care about high school sports, amazing athletes, or a wonderful evening at a gorgeous high school facility, she will limit her commentary and reporting about the Div 5 Track State Championship to a Portuguese lesson. You shall have to read the details of the awesomeness in some other Weston newspaper. Oh, oops.

In Brazilian Portuguese, tenho dito (pronounced “TEN-yo GEE-toe” translates to “I have spoken.” It is how you finish up a monologue, or even short burst, about a subject about which you consider there to be no comeback. For instance, “Weston has the best trails in New England. Tenho dito” which would be a terrible Port-ingles but basically, you are suffering no argument about it. Perhaps also referred to as a “mic drop.”

And so all I need to say here, Weston, is that the Weston Girls Outdoor Track team is the best of the best.

Tenho dito.

Oh, the Boys did very well too–placing fifth of 35 schools. See you next year. Or até o ano que vem (bonus material).

Go ‘cats!

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