Weston Garden Tour This Saturday June 4

Okay, folks, it’s time to wander around people’s backyards, look at their stuff and NOT get arrested for it! Yes, it’s true, this Saturday, June 4, you are invited to the once-in-a-decade private garden tour with members of the Weston Garden Club.

You will note that the Owl’s garden is not on the tour because first of all I am not a member of the illustrious Weston Garden Club AND I am a haphazard gardener. A natural habitat gardener where all clover and pretty weeds are welcome. Also it’s survival of the fittest–high maintenance plants need not apply (yeah, dahlias did not work out). In any case, let me just specify that you should only wander around gardens that are on the tour–you will most assuredly be arrested if you wander through random gardens. Or get eaten by a massive snapper.

Let’s go to the official notice:

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, members of the Weston Garden Club will open their gardens to the public for a once-in-a-decade celebration.

Eleven unique gardens will include native plants, pollinators, garden rooms, water features, and more.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the tour day. Program pickup and day-of-tour sales begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Josiah Smith Tavern, also known as JoSTice.

Tickets provide admission to 10 private outdoor garden spaces on the tour as well as the Native Plant Garden at Town Hall, where all native varieties on view are labeled. Hostesses [Ed. Wait, what? Entering the new century…can we call them guides? Master gardeners? Plant geniuses?] will be present at each site to answer questions, along with the owners at the private gardens. Make sure to ask really tough questions like can you plant acers near caladium, is vinca a plant or an invasive, and should you prune back your rhodis each year (that actually IS my question–Owl rhodis rule but are making it on their own steam). A program and map booklet will provide detailed information on each garden.

Proceeds from the tour will support local conservation and environmental efforts and the Weston Garden Club’s ongoing community, educational, and beautification projects. These include seasonal plantings in the watering trough on Boston Post Road’s Intersection of Doom, design and maintenance of the Native Plant Garden beside Weston Town Hall and of the granite planter in the new Town Square, stewardship of the Forbes Land conservation area, and holiday wreaths for town buildings.

You can purchase advance tickets and find tour updates, and membership opportunities at www.westongardenclub.org.


  • Susan Zacharias

    Love it! Love the breezy and fun style of writing. And excellent information as well.
    P.S. And I am one of the garden owners. How did you know I have a Guard Snapping turtle?

  • I’m pretty sure the photo at the end of your article (on the Weston Garden Club Tour) is mine. I took it of my yellow azaeiia
    last year. You can see it on the tour this Sat. although it is fading fast as the season has progressed.

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