Last Two Days for the “$4K for June 4” Owl Challenge: More Reasons Why to Give

On May 12, the Weston Owl challenged its readers to donate $4,000 to Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA) by June 4, in celebration of National Land Trust Day. While I don’t have updated numbers, I do know we blew through $4,000 and were headed towards $10,000, which makes this Owl as happy as an Owl can be, and frankly we do always look a bit cranky as is our nature.

The reason why it makes me happy today is I just got back from an hour brush-cutting the Merriam Barn ruins–cutting back this year’s growth which is trying to once more absorb the ruins back into the woods. You will recognize the Merriam Barn as a personal favorite of the Owl, and a place that has received recent love from an Eagle Scout and volunteers, and from other executive board members of WFTA. It is a lovely wondrous place, and one that WFTA accepted as a place to care for, and that is slightly outside of our mission of preserving open spaces.

Mostly cleaned up til the battery died…

Why support WFTA? Because WFTA is more than trails. WFTA proposed, cleared and cares for the Marian Case Nature Classroom. It’s outside the mission, but we want more kids to appreciate the open spaces so maybe someday when they face the choice of build or preserve an open space, they choose nature and nurture. WFTA cares for kids–the Junior Ranger program encourages learning about what is still in Weston’s backyards–wildlife, trees, princess pines. And WFTA spends more than a little time preserving the legal easements and rights of our community to access the green space a generation has fought for. Sorry, hanging preposition but I really must shower before the poison ivy gets me.

Become a member. Support WFTA. Donate here.

See you on the trails!

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  • I used to get poison ivy really badly. I learned from my daughter that wiping down the exposed skin with paper towels saturated with rubbing alcohol get the oils off very effectively. Don’t forget to wipe your face because you can get bad poison ivy from the oils floating in the air that you put there by tearing the poison ivy out by its roots.

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