Weston Public Library Book Sale and Bake Sale – June 10

On Friday, June 10, the Friends of our fabulous Weston Public Library are holding one of my favorite events ever, which involves the sale of SUGAR in my favorite form of cake/cake pop. Oh wait, there is a book sale too. Here’s the truth: the Owl is in her temporary office of the WPL right at this very moment … waiting waiting waiting for the JST to open up so she can glom onto WFTA’s leased office….and I am hungry and yet there is no cake here at the Library and yet, there could be. And will be.

Let’s start again. On Friday, June 10 from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, the Friends of the Public Library is holding its spring one-day-only Book Sale at the WPL Community Room. This is the the event where you want to invest in your paperback bodice-rippers to bring to the beach, the Math Genius for your Fourth Grader workbooks that your kids will hate you for this summer, or patrol to see if there are any Agatha Christies you haven’t read or you read long enough ago that you have no clue who the bad guy even is anymore. Paperbacks $1, Hardbound $2. One can ALWAYS find a treasure at the book sale.

And yes, there will be a bake sale where you can “grab some sweets,” featuring cupcakes, giant cookies, cake pops, and fudgy brownies. Note that I am aware that there are “pie people” and “cake people” and just know that the pie people will have to get your pastry elsewhere–I have been informed that there is no pie at this sale. Mystifying but true.

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