Memorial Pool Opens Tomorrow [Squeal!]

Everyone’s favorite ice bath opens its season tomorrow, and if you don’t scream with excitement, note that you shall soon scream from the temperature which hovers, at the beginning of the season, at around -40. Your toddler does not care. Your toddler will find it the best place ever and you just need to watch for purple lips. Do not ever bring up the possibility of heating the Weston Memorial Pool–if you do, you will be quickly outed as a newbie to town since that discussion has taken place since the beginning of time. Or 1712, whichever is earlier.

After two years of bizarre, it is finally a normal season at Memorial Pool. Closed in 2020 for the pandemic, then restricted entry at the beginning of 2021, we are now no-holds-barred and I am pretty excited about that. To be clear, I am a pond, not a pool person (name the movie) but I love having the option. Valley Pond has been open since Memorial Day weekend, also with an exciting temperature and the added bonus of escaping from snapping turtles. The north side is hard core.

Here’s the info you need:

Memorial Pool is located at 6 Alphabet Lane, between Country and Woodland schools.  Membership badges are available for residents and nonresidents–see this link.

Pool Hours – subject to change

Saturday, June 11 through Sunday, August 7:

  • Monday – Friday, 11:30 AM  to 7:30 PM 
  • Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM to 7:30 PM

Memorial pool closes at 6:30 PM starting August 8. No, it’s not to annoy you; it’s because we start losing our lifeguards to life choices such as college.

Last day of normal season will be Sunday, August 21.  BONUS WEEK, depending on staff availability:  Monday, August 22 through Sunday, August 28; 12 – 6 PM.

Daily Fee

Daily admittance for Weston residents without a Memorial Pool badge is $10, maximum of $30 per family (parents and children in the same household under age 25); children under two are free.  Nonresident guests must be accompanied by a Weston Resident or a pool badge holder and pay a $15 per person guest fee.


The concession stand is open and sells pre-packaged snacks, ice cream, and cold “family-friendly” drinks. [Ed.: what is a family-friendly drink? This is a new term for me. I assume no Long Island Iced Teas].

Welcome Summer!

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