Sunday Gratitude: Owl Vacation

Not Weston

It’s a perfectly;y delightful morning here in Weston, after an exciting Saturday of soccer, pooch parade, team party, an unbelievable last 10 minutes of lacrosse state game, and finally a freshman dance for the Owlets. While I am going a different way today, my gratitude extends to several freshman parent advisers, chaperones, and most of all moms who were there at the party–and helped when one Owlet split open his lip (beak?) and we had to rush him off to the ER. He’s fine, no stitches, just bummed for missing friend time and he’ll miss a last town soccer game today. It’s all okay and small stuff in the long run.

The Owl is leaving Wednesday, June 15 for a two-week break. Most of you won’t even notice because Weston shuts down for summer and y’all are in your second homes of Maine, the Cape, the Islands. It never fails to amuse me that Weston used to be the summer escape for Bostonians, and now we are all escaping Weston. I wish you all a lovely summer and do send me updates from where you are and of course your address so I can come to visit. Definitely, the Owl will be in Maine but it is unclear when exactly.

I have three more posts before I go–another senior, a new police chief, a race amity festival. Possibly some sarcasm about the new landscaping and inevitable arborvitae at the Intersection of Doom. I cannot resist, in all likelihood. After that, unless you want updates from California, you and I have a rest until July.

Be brave, Weston, and enjoy your time out in the big big world!

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