WHS Class of 2022: Kamea Johnson Is Ready to Change Our World

Weston High School graduated the amazing Class of 2022 on Friday, June 3 on the Town Green. They are amazing because of how they weathered a pandemic that cut short sophomore year, changed junior year between hybrid and in-person masked learning, and started their senior year with masks and testing. They gave up study-abroad opportunities, cut short or changed athletic seasons, and had harsh restrictions on theatrical and musical efforts. And yet, here they are–a resilient, wonderful class of 159 students, many of whom the Owl knows personally.

The WHS Class of 2022 graduated last Friday, June 3 on Town Green. As names were called out one by one, cheers and applause lifted each graduate across the stage and towards their diplomas. One of the names called was Kamea Johnson, and due to schedules and end-of-school-year crazy, the Owl was unable to publish her spotlight until now. While I do not know Kamea personally, I have frequently chatted with her mother Keitrice, Chair of the Boston Weston METCO Parents Organization, to get clarification on events and happenings, and her brother Darrell is a teammate of an Owlet on the WHS track team.

Meet Kamea, one of the newly-minted graduates of Weston High School!

Have you been with Weston Schools all the way through? If so, Country or Woodland? And did you have any favorite teachers or administrators?

I have been in the Weston school system since pre-school. I went to Woodland, and my most memorable teachers are Mrs. Garcia who was my teacher in kindergarten, and Mr. McLaughlin who was my math teacher in twelfth grade. Both teachers took the time to invest in me, and believe in me. They went beyond the surface level and made my growth their personal goal.

What did you find most rewarding about your time at Weston schools? 

The biggest reward that came from my time at Weston was the teachable moments. Through my imperfections, I learned valuable lessons that molded me into the young woman I am today.

Did you participate in sports, drama, clubs at the high school, and if so which ones? 

I ran track from sixth to eleventh grade; I participated in the black student union; diversity equity, and inclusion committee (DEI); and DECA.

What’s your passion? What’s next for you?

I am passionate about helping others, and that has guided my five-year plan. I want to go to college to pursue a degree in biomedical sciences. Long term I would like to use my degree to create my own pharmaceutical company. My company would have a mission statement of creating medicine to serve the underprivileged communities of the world (coupling my love of travel with my desire to help others). 

With friends

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment at Weston High School?

I think my greatest impact on Weston High School/ the Weston community as a whole is the work I have done with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee. The committee has been working tirelessly to make the Weston community a safe space for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I think the work that has been done and that will continue on even after I leave Weston will have a lasting impact. 

What advice would you give an incoming 9th grader? Or someone entering the METCO program as a student or parent?

My advice would be to participate in everything. There is so much Weston has to offer besides an amazing education. You would be doing yourself a disservice to not try the sport you are curious about, the club that seems interesting to you, or take advantage of volunteer opportunities with your classmates. 

Is there anyone you consider influential to your success?  A mentor, a family friend, a fellow student? Please tell us why.

My mom and dad were instrumental to my success. They committed to early mornings driving my brother and me to school, and late nights picking us up from sports practices, and they never missed a game. They have been my biggest supporter and best friends throughout this entire journey. Weston wasn’t easy but having a support system to lean on meant the world to me. 


According to Wildcat Tracks, Kamea will be attending North Carolina Central University this fall. We all wish her the best of luck and success in everything she does.

Go ‘cats!

One fine day on the Town Green


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