Catching Up: Summer in Weston

Not summer in Weston. Summer in Brazil.

So, the Owl is heading back and catching up with all that is going on in our fair town. Since it is between June 15 and August 30, the summary is “nothing.” Half of the town has swanned off to summer homes and European vacations, and it is for sure my favorite commuting time of the year. Well, except for that pesky Sumner Tunnel situation but who needs to fly anymore? Oh wait, me.

In any case, here are some upcoming events and happenings in and around town while I get through the in-box about earth-shattering updates.


All summer: Twilight Open Studios at the Weston Art & Innovation Center: So this started June 20 at the AIC and runs throughout the summer on Monday evenings 6 pm-9:30 pm. Informal drop-in style sessions offer an inspiring environment where you can discover and create with other aspiring visual artists. Practice in the medium of your choice (drawing, acrylics, oils, watercolors, inks, prints). Table top easels, printing press and tools are included. Check it out.

June 29: 7 pm Wednesday Music at the Town Green. This week is Black Sea Salsa which “plays a high-energy mix of Afro-Cuban jazz and blues.” Bring your lawn chairs and your Off! It’s time to dance and embarrass your kids.

June 30: Assistant to the Town Manager Anthony Senesi’s last day. Lucky Plymouth. Now try not to be anxious about getting any information or updates from the town. Nothing happens.


July 4: 8:30 am Lincoln Firecracker Run 2.5/4.0 mi distances. Good way to start out your Fourth celebrations, and stay for the bike and float parade (at 10 am and shortly after bike parade, respectively) and the reading of the Declaration of Independence by one of the Lincoln re-enactors. Please note that the Minute Men do shoot off their guns so phonophobic people be aware. Due to new schools construction in Lincoln, there will be no Lincoln fireworks this year. More info here:

Weston Public Library has many fun events and book talks/clubs but current favorite is Animal Adventures coming July 20, 6-7 pm, with real live animals to surprise and delight kids age 3+. More information and registration here:

July 29: Predicted last day of retiring Fire Chief Soar. Bring him some cupcakes. Bring some to me too. I am not retiring.


Nothing. Just nothing. Go to Maine. Do not go to Maine when I am going to Maine. Although I have to say that after being totally overwhelmed by the number of folks in California, even the traffic on I-95 looks okay.


What else is going on? Yes, a new emergency alert provider which involves terrifying the west coast at an early hour. Probably some vaccination clinics and boosters and stuff–make sure you keep up to date on this stuff. One owelet’s national playoff team lost two players the day before kickoff. And of course, there are worse things that can happen. New volunteer opportunities in town… a teen crew heads out to finish work on the Merriam Barn…ummm, Tuesday night soccer. More additions soon. Let me know what I’m missing. Not about your vacation.

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