Order Today (Tuesday) for Mamaleh’s in Weston Tomorrow

On the “campus” of UC Santa Barbara. Sorry, you cannot convince me they study there.

One would think that this Owl is obsessed with nova lox and one would be right about that. This post is to remind you that if you order at Mamaleh’s today or tomorrow until noon, it shall arrive here in semi-rural Weston for pickup between 4-6 pm on Wednesday, June 29. That is right before the concert on the Town Green. Coincidence? I think not. I admit I will probably not bring my Mamaleh’s booty to the concert as I have zero intention of sharing. Well, at least I’m honest. You can read more about Mamaleh’s here, and order information is below.

Now, I realize this evening that the Owl has not shared stories from her exploratory trip to southern California–exploring colleges that is, visiting family members and finally spending a few glorious days in exceptionally beautiful, hopelessly overpopulated and never-a-bad-day tree-less San Diego for an Owlet’s run at the national club soccer title. Summary: it was an unforgettable and delightful two weeks spent with my rising sophomores who soon enough will swan–err, owl–off on their own missions. And coming back last night, I am filled with appreciation for our town. More on that later–I have to go get an Owlet back from Captain’s practice.

Head to Mamaleh’s website, schedule your order for pickup on Wednesday, 6/29, find the Weston location from the Suburban Pick Up menu and add it to your cart (it’s this $0 menu item that marks your order for us to bring out), and then order anything and everything!

Feel free to give us a call if you’d like some help navigating the process: 617.958.3354 (press 1 for Cambridge)

Find us in the Center Street Parking Lot (outside Dumpling Daughter and Heirloom) tomorrow from 4-6pm.

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