Weston Pickup Soccer Starts July 5 at Weston High/Middle School Fields

Not Pickup Soccer but the 2021 WHS Boys Soccer team in action

Tis the season, Weston, when we play soccer for fun. Now if you are married to a Brazilian, and have half-Brazilian owlets, you would know that it is always always always soccer for fun season. If I had a $1 for every time I said “no soccer in the house,” well, I would be very very well-off.

Last year’s immensely successful Weston Summer Soccer is back! This is not affiliated with the Weston Youth Soccer nor with the High School team though they gave their blessings. All ages and genders are invited to Tuesday evening soccer from 6 pm until you’re tired. Have a guest in town? Bring them. They don’t speak English? No one cares. Soccer is the universal language, as we know from a trip to Italy when a spontaneous soccer game popped up between American owlets and Italian kids in a square in Rome.

Weston Summer Soccer does not require an RSVP, but you should get on the email distribution list for any updates. Soccer happens rain or shine, though lightning will cancel it (anyone remember the mad rush for the cars one famous Tuesday last summer? Yikes). More information here from Mr. Owl aka the Brazilian Sr. Coruja.


The same way we did last summer, we are happy to let you know that we will again have regular pickup soccer games for all ages this summer.  This is not a Weston Soccer Club event and you do not need to sign up.  

WHEN: Tuesday nights starting at 6 pm – first game is next Tuesday, July 5th

WHERE: Fields 7/8/9 at the High School/Middle School complex – there is a huge amount of space and there will be goals of many sizes. Games will be formed broadly by age, and multiple games can go on at the same time

WHO: Anyone who wants to play, children and adults, all genders. Parents of younger children are encouraged to stay close by, at least until the games are organized and it’s clear how many and which adults are there for the evening.

We will also adjust the conditions based on who and how many players show up: we will have different goal sizes, we can make goals with cones, shorten the fields with cones if needed, re-shuffle the teams if it is too one-sided, play three-touches only, with or without goalies, etc.

Spread the word: if anyone else is interested, ask them to send an email to be included in the list to Vlad Barbieri vladbarbieri@gmail.com.  

What summer pickup soccer looks like in Brazil. Yeah, we don’t gots that, but we can still have fun!

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