Independence (aka Treason) Day, Boston Logan Airport & Weekend Fun

Traffic heading to Boston Logan. Oh fine, it’s Lincoln’s Fourth of July Parade, 2015

Okay, Weston, it’s time for our annual scare-the-fur off your animal holiday, also known as Independence Day or July 4th or Treason Day (if you are a Loyalist which is how I am leaning given the current Supreme Court shenanigans. Don’t worry, that is as political as I will get).

One of the things that amuses Mr. Owl is how the US celebrates holidays on whichever day is the Monday or the Friday or convenient, and this holiday is no different. While Monday happens to be the Fourth and the actual legal holiday, there are events and happenings all weekend long in area towns. Fireworks are tonight July 1 in Lexington which of all towns should know when Independence Day is. And Patriot’s Day. Well, whatever. Remember that personal fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, your wild birds and pet dogs hate them, and also fire danger. Don’t make our big E-1 truck come out there during Chief Soar’s last month as our Chief.

Now, if you are heading out to the Cape or Maine, well, good luck with the traffic. And do not, whatever you do, try to pick someone up at Terminal B of Logan at 9 pm because apparently, all tunnels are down to one lane because ???? (not a single worker or truck or anything) and the line in front of AA looks like there’s a call for free tacos. Meet your visitors in Central Parking. Ask me how I know. Yes, all owlets are now home from California as of last night. Almost lost one to beaches and palm trees and soccer balls.

Where was I? Oh yes, Independence Weekend activities in Metrowest. My favorite is Lincoln but there are some other ones that look fun too.

Friday, July 1

Lexington Fourth of July Carnival 6 pm-11 pm at Hastings Park. Fireworks at around 9:30 pm. There is a cost to this event and it is not cheap. Independence was not cheap, people. More information here and know that the Carnival runs through July 4 but without fireworks after today.

Monday, July 4

Concord’s annual Picnic in the Park takes place from 10 AM to 4 PM at Emerson Park with a children’s bike parade, entertainers, games, live music and more. More information at the facebook page here.

Harvard’s Fruitlands Museum hosts Harvard’s annual town celebration starting at 5 pm. This event is not free but has fireworks and a lovely location and a shuttle bus. Lots of information here.

The Lexington Historical Society will host a dramatic presentation called Declaring Independence Then & Now, created by Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area, about how our local towns read and reacted to the Declaration of Independence. The event ends with the Colonial Singers. 6:30-8:30 pm. More information here.

The Owl’s all-time favorite: Lincoln’s Fourth of July includes the Firecracker Run at 8:30 am, followed by a decorated bike parade at 10 AM, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, a full July 4th Parade at 10:40 AM, followed by a BBQ on the Pierce House lawn. More information here.


Lincoln’s Bike Parade circa 2015 complete with Minute Men

There are definitely other events going on around metrowest but it’s time to hit the trails with the K9 ranger. Happy Independence Day weekend, Weston! Stay safe. See you on the flip side.

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