New Payment System & Lockbox for Weston Water and Tax Bills

Weston’s Historic Lock Box. No, not really. Photo by TheMIS Photography on Unsplash

With the changes that have occurred to Weston’s only newspaper, the Weston Town Crier, this blog page has unintentionally become one of the only news sources for this town. While the Crier can still be found online, it has a dearth of real local news and announcements–and a current “it’s” versus “its” mistake in its Land’s Sake story that makes me a little crazy. On the other hand, the Weston Owl has only ever been found online and has a dearth of objective news and announcements, though, in my opinion, some basis in reality and a little bit of humor is all you need. And yeah, typos every single day no matter how many times I check it over.

In any case, I am frequently asked by Weston’s Town Hall to amplify their communication efforts which I am happy to do as long as I have the opportunity to find humor. Sadly, this next announcement has left me with no real subjective joy so we’re going to just leave this one as is. If you are a Weston resident, please take note:

On July 1, 2022, the Town of Weston upgraded two financial services with enhanced features that will benefit residents. These changes will affect payments of personal property tax, real estate tax, motor vehicle excise tax, and water bills.

New Online Payment System:

The Town will be utilizing City Hall Systems. This system is an improved way for residents to pay bills online. With the new system, residents are able to opt-in and review bills from Fiscal Year 2023 onward. The link to the new online payment system will be listed on this webpage starting July 1, 2022.

New Lockbox Service Provider: 

Internally, the Town is discontinuing the use of Eastern/Century Bank and migrating to Leader Bank. If residents physically mail payments, the lockbox mailing address will be changing. Discard old return envelopes and use the new return envelopes that will be mailed with the new bills. 

Any questions?

Why is the Town switching Online Payment Systems?

City Hall Systems, the new online payment system, has more functionality for residents, businesses, and the Town. City Hall Systems provides an option to create an account so you can request to receive email alerts, schedule payments, automatically pay bills, view payment history, and more. Creating an account is entirely optional. 

Will this change how I pay for other Town services online? 

No, currently, these changes will only affect payments for personal property tax, real estate tax, motor vehicle excise tax, and water bills.

When will I be able to make a payment?

You will be able to make an online payment through City Hall Systems on the Town’s website, starting July 1, 2022. 

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