Volunteer, Weston: More Volunteer Opportunities Available

If you have ever lived outside of Weston, and please please tell me everyone has at some point, you will know how unique our town is in the number of volunteers we have, and how many hours they all put in. From an unpaid Select Board to volunteers at the Library to schools and nonprofits, it is completely amazing what gets done here. As a recently-elected town government volunteer (Measurer of Lumber), I myself recently received an interview request about the future challenges for Weston, so you can see how town volunteering brings fame if not fortune. Definitely not fortune.

If you’re not a part of making our town a better place, maybe you should be. A number of volunteer roles are open, with application due dates in July. Check them out. Current volunteer opportunities include Select Board-appointed and Moderator-appointed committees.

Select Board Appointed Positions

For the following Select Board appointed positions, please submit a volunteer application or a letter of interest. The application can be filled out and submitted online or it can be downloaded and emailed to selectboard@westonma.gov. Letters of interest can also be emailed or mailed to the Select Board, Weston Town Hall, PO Box 378. Click on the name of the committee to learn more about its charge and skills that are being sought.

The Commission’s chief responsibility is administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act by reviewing work projects proposed to take place within 100-feet of wetlands to ensure the protection of the important benefits wetlands provide. The Commission also acquires and manages open space for the protection of natural resources and the enjoyment of townspeople. The Commission has approximately 2,000 acres in its care.

The Traffic & Sidewalk Committee makes periodic evaluation of and recommendations regarding roadway improvements and changes, traffic calming measures, signals, signage and lighting, sidewalks and crosswalks, maintenance priorities and standards, public transit options, and other measures that are considered to meet the evolving traffic conditions and bicycle/pedestrian safety needs of the Town. Residents with experience/training or interest in traffic management, pedestrian safety, roadway development, traffic mitigation, public transit, bicycling, or other related areas are encouraged to apply.

The Board of Appeals hears and decides on administrative appeals (e.g. from decisions by the Town’s Building Inspector), and applications for variances from zoning restrictions, for special permits for changes to pre-existing, non-conforming properties, for special permits for exceptional uses specified in the Zoning Bylaw, and for comprehensive permits under “MGL Ch. 40B” or Low and Moderate Income Housing Act of 1969.  

Trustees are responsible for the judicious distribution of income from a fund that was established in the late 1800s to provide small assistance to residents who find themselves in difficult, short-term financial distress.

The Sustainability Committee follows the actions outlined in the climate action and resilience plan, Weston Ahead, and continues to ensure sustainability issues and opportunities in Weston are proactively managed. The Committee advises the Select Board and regularly collaborates with Town departments and other committees. In close contact with Weston’s Sustainability Coordinator and other Town staff, the Committee recommends, develops and monitors programs designed to enhance Weston’s long-term sustainability and resilience in response to environmental, resource and energy challenges, as well as educate and raise awareness throughout the development and implementation of these plans.

If a resident has a question about Select Board appointed positions, please contact the Town Manager’s Office at 781-786-5020 or emailing selectboard@westonma.gov

Moderator Appointed Positions

The Weston Town Moderator is seeking general interest from residents to serve on various Moderator Appointed boards and committees: Community Preservation Committee, Elderly Housing Committee, Finance Committee, and Weston Veterans Memorial Education Fund Committee.

Apply for any Town Moderator appointed position by completing the online application, which will be delivered electronically to the Town Moderator. The Town Moderator, Rip Hastings, is available by email at moderator@westonma.gov

Attend a Meeting – Upcoming meetings of the elected and appointed boards/committees are posted to Westonma.gov/Meetings. ALL board/committee meetings are open to the public.

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