Summer Updates from Weston High School: New Assistant Principal for One

Jennifer Knight, on the job since July 1

This morning’s emailed communication from WHS Principal Paul Peri includes news of administration changes, police activity at the high school, and office hour updates. It also included the news that a group of wild cats may be known as a clowder, dowt or destruction. This is patently false information–everyone who has spent time with the Owlets knows that they are 100% destruction, not even a glimmer of dowt or clowder, which frankly sounds like shorthand for clam chowder, which is just no. Anyway, you can read the actual communication online somewhere, or you can go with the Owl-edited version which is more fun.

Since the Owl has been unsuccessful in finding and interviewing the new assistant principal, here, verbatim-ish (fine, it’s been cut down), is the announcement of the appointment of AP Jennifer Knight:

“Prior to serving [as WHS Assistant Principal], Jennifer was the Director of Family and Community Engagement in Burlington Public Schools. Before working as a Director in Burlington, Mrs. Knight was a business owner and educator in Washington State. Jennifer brings significant experience to the district with over 15 years in education, teaching training, and business management.”

“In her new role she hopes to be a partner with families and students at Weston High School. Her constant focus is through an equity lens, seeking ways to holistically improve the school culture and climate. As an advocate for change, she is also a current fellow in the Influence100 program, a diversity educator workforce program. Jennifer works to facilitate engagement of all families and students with a focus on increasing engagement and communication.”

With luck, the Owl will be able to question Ms. Knight about her superhero preferences in a future post.

Kelly Flynn who has been Assistant Principal at the high school (2008-2010 and then 2014-2022) is returning to teaching in the high school Business curriculum.

In other news, the Weston Police will be doing a training at the high school over the next four days and “loud noises” are expected if you happen to be around on the tennis courts or track. It is best not to imagine what training is going on, but suffice it to say, it is not rookies vs captains volleyball. Yikes.

And finally, here are Weston High School summer hours:

Now get back to destruction, ‘cats!

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