Wellesley Is Going Batty on July 26

You knew it was going to happen: Wellesley is finally..and officially… batty. Welcome to the jungle, southern neighbors, we’ve been in the zone for a while now. Oh wait, we’re talking the flying bats. Fine, here’s the real deal:

Wellesley Conservation Land Trust presents its Bat Walk! next Tuesday, July 26 from 8-9:30 pm at Morses Pond. Apparently, we are going to see a “bat detector in action.” Is that a person? Is that equipment? Come on out past your bedtime and check it out!

Now if the Owl hears any squeal-y business about oooh, scary bats and we’re all gonna die, then well, why are you reading the Owl anyway? Wait until I get going on the bugs I meet in Brazil next week. Or the tarantula and the scorpion that were calling an Owlet’s bedroom home in Costa Rica last week. Bats are amazingly cool beasts and they eat a few thousand mosquitos every night and you should definitely invite them to your back patio.

Join up with WCLT, one of the best land trusts in the area, and one that cares about you learning about nature. Meet at the Morses Pond gate at the end of Turner Road. Park on the North 40 (wooded) side of the street. 

For more information, please see the website here.

The Wellesley Conservation Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit land trust that protects 14 sanctuaries across more than 45 acres of natural land in Wellesley and bordering lands in Needham and Weston. More information about the mission, the sanctuaries, and membership can be found at WellesleyConservationLandTrust.org.

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