Weston Provisions Opens, Completes Town Food Wes-saissance

Weston Provisions and Their Marketing Manager. Courtesy Photo.

Yesterday, Weston’s missing piece of the food Wes-saissance, Weston Provisions, opened its doors to the public, with an inviting “Say Cheese” mosaic at its front door and the most beautiful sign in Weston. I demand all other storefronts on that block chip away at the front moulding and see if the glass is underneath there too. Anyway, I digress from what was a yummy and fun visit to the store yesterday.

Billed as “your neighborhood grocery store”, I would say that doesn’t quite cover it. Does one call West Acton’s West Side ice cream pints of Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough “groceries”? No, we call them “in my bag and on possibly eaten on the way home but I’m not telling the kids.” Fine, groceries is shorter. There are many items to peruse and read the labels and imagine serving to your guests with a little toss of the head saying “why yes, this is available locally from the sweetest little shop.”

When I arrrived around 4:30 pm yesterday, the shop had just a few folks after a lunch time rush. This gave me a chance for a chat with Chris and Hannah Nicholl, the owners of the store. I kept looking around for their marketing manager, the little guy, but no sign. Possibly it was nap time–all marketing people should get nap time, including me. Alas, life is not like this.

Chris commented that the town had been so welcoming to them this first day, and that the last seven months creating the place had all been worth it. Hannah and I had a laugh about the challenges of learning Toast technology. This Gen X feels the pain…wordpress is still winning. I am still not.

Please note that sandwich making is only from 10-3:30 while the shop is currently open 8 am – 6 pm. I tried to get over my disappointment of not being able to get an Italian sandwich as a late afternoon snack by buying ice cream. It turns out that ice cream can solve a lot of disappointment. I also bought an Orange Mango Lime Chili soda, and a ramen kit for one Owlet who has a bit of a ramen addiction.

Folks who managed their afternoon a bit better than I did had enthusiastic reviews that came in on the Weston facebook page:

“Turkey sub was great! (I didn’t add the bacon, and subbed mustard for the mayo) — it was big enough for lunch AND dinner!, ” said Pam Wood, northsider.

And the southside, represented by Peter Hill, also gave it a thumbs-up: “I ordered the Turkey sub with bacon. It was delicious. They have a lot of other specialty foods, cheeses, local ice cream and assorted other goodies. Next time I want to also try their fresh iced lemonade.”

If it were me, I would consider extending sandwich availability until 4 pm when the school year starts, because I can guarantee that my kids (who get out of school at 3:15 and it is a closed campus for their age) would be munching a sandwich at 4 but zero chance of the Big Yellow making it downtown by 3:30. This was a long run-on sentence. You get my point.

The menu includes sandwiches and salads, the exact availability of which may get adjusted over time. Chris commented that a BLT option was scrapped due to the lack of acceptable tomatoes. On the must-try list for me is the Roast Beef sandwich with horseradish cheddar and the Caprese sandwich. Oh fine, I will probably have to try them all for research purposes.

Congratulations on your first day, Weston Provisions! I look forward to many a future visit.

Weston Provisions is at 403 Boston Post Road in the “Lamson Plaza.” You can order online for pickup. For more information, stop in or call 781-703-5786 or email info@westonprovisions.com. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 8 am-6 pm.

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