Weston-Wayland Rowing: High School Registration Open

WWRA Courtesy photo

Okay, first of all, I am fully aware that the registered name is “Wayland-Weston Rowing Association” but I write the Weston Owl not the Wayland-Weston Owl, and therefore we all know who is first in my heart. I love you too, Wayland, but you have your own news media page Wayland ENews) and this is not it. Oh fine, I’ll make it less controversial and just call it WWRA. I also refuse to call it Dub-Dub Crew, mostly because it makes me think of Blub-Blub Crew and definitely that is not a good thing.

Second of all, prepare for Owl opinion. It is the opinion of our exclusive editorial board that rowing is the world’s most beautiful sport. If you do not agree, feel free to fight me, but just know that I am a former collegiate and master’s rower and I still own an oar and it’s wooden and I know how to use it. The Owl was a runner in high school but fell in love with rowing as a freshman at Wellesley College (this country’s first women’s rowing program, and no, I was not born in 1875 and was not on that first team which wore long white dresses, poor ladies). This fall, I plan to make a massive comeback and torture some poor WWRA coach by taking private lessons in sculling. But, enough about me and my issues.

I kid you not. Women in the Boat, 1886, Photo credit here.

The bottom line is that registration is now open for the High School Fall season. Don’t worry too much, boys and girls, you still have five weeks of summer left; you just need to finish your registration.  Middle School registration will be available soon, as well as master’s rowing. WWRA has released the fall schedule:


Varsity   8/22-8/27 & 8/29, 30: 9:00am-11:30am      

Novice 8/24-8/27 & 8/29,30 3:45pm-6:15pm        

Fall Season:   All Squads  9/1-11/1
VARSITY:     Monday-Friday 3:45-6:15     Saturday 8-10:30am 

NOVICE GIRLS: Monday-Friday 3:45-6:15     Saturday 9-11:30am

NOVICE BOYS:  Monday-Friday 3:45-6:15     Saturday 8:30-11AM

Tentative Race Schedule

OCT 2   Textile River Regatta      Lowell, MA  

WWRA will be participating in either                

OCT 8   Head Of The Housatonic  Shelton, CT, or
OCT 8-9   12th Annual New England Junior & High School Regional Championship     Worcester Ma.                                OCT 16  New Hampshire Championships George   Pembroke NH
OCT 23   Head Of The Charles (selected Varsity Crew)
WWRA will be participating in either  OCT 30   States      FallRiver Ma           OCT 29-30  Head Of The Fish     Saratoga NY.

Another WWRA Courtesy Photo. Who thinks Maroon and Orange look good together?

Willing participants of the port, starboard or sculling variety must first register with the school’s Family ID link (below). Once that is completed, Director Mike Baker will send you WW Crew’s registration link.

To be eligible to row, athletes need:

*A current/ up-to-date physical (submitted to the school nurse),

*Signed 2022 Usrowing Waiver  

*Swim test on file

*Registration with your WHS and with WWCrew.

Please use the links below to register:

Weston Athletics


Please visit US Rowing to sign the online waiver.


Enter club code EUZXC and follow prompts.

Please take note of your US Rowing number.

Any questions, please contact Mike Baker of WWRA (mbaker@wwcrew.org).

Go Warrior Cats! And yes, cats do swim, but probably don’t row except in this case. Lack of opposable thumbs and all that.

Heading to the start line. WWRA Courtesy Photo.

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