Mandatory Water Restrictions In Place as of July 28

According to today’s Department of Public Works email, Weston has joined most metrowest communities in declaring water restrictions. The phrase “the distribution system is at or nearing capacity” should strike fear into your hearts, and make it easier for you to say goodbye to your waterless zinnias which, frankly, are just going to kick it in November anyway. Sunrise, sunset, folks, did anyone ever watch the Muppet Show? Inchworm…inchworm…wait was that Sesame Street? Hmm.

Anyway, the officialese says “Pursuant to Article XXVIII of the Town of Weston By-laws, the Select Board has declared a State of Water Supply Conservation because the distribution system is at or nearing capacity and conservation measures are necessary to ensure an adequate supply of water to all water consumers.”

 The following restrictions are effective July 28, 2022: 

Odd/Even Day Outdoor Watering: Outdoor watering on property having an odd-numbered address is restricted to odd numbered days. Outdoor watering on property having an even-numbered address is restricted to even numbered days.

Outdoor Water Hours: Outdoor watering is only permitted between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.This restriction will remain in effect until further notice of termination is voted upon by the Select Board, pursuant to Article XXVIII, Section 7 of the Town of Weston By-laws. 

Does anyone need a mathy lesson on the difference between odd and even? No. If you have your own well, make sure you post that on your green grass before you are reported for a flagrant foul. I am not sure what the penalty is for disobeying the watering rules but shall investigate. Definitely an Owl side-eye.

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