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Did You Know? The West Suburban YMCA Loves Weston, Too

Technically this is a Parliament of Owls post, which means it is written by someone without talons. In this case, Katie Sopcik, the Director of Marketing & Communications for the West Suburban YMCA (and Weston resident) reached out to the Owl to post the following information: +++ Did you know that Weston is a community served by the West Suburban

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Getting to Know Jennifer Knight, Assistant Principal of Weston HS

The Owl met new High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Knight last week, three days before official school start. Guidance and administrative staff were newly back on campus, the cafeteria floors being buffed, and the high school pond was in the process of muck-raking. The hallways were as yet empty, yet almost humming with anticipation. After a brief introduction by Principal

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Lincoln Attempts Land Grab by Caprine Methods

On a quiet weekend (the last before school start), our neighbors to the north decided to take advantage of our battle Tahoes and Expeditions being otherwise occupied…and invaded. Fortunately, brave Westonians headed off the Lincoln scouts as they streamed into King’s Grant on Friday night. Dressed in stealthy fuzzy jackets, the scouts at first hid under brushy camouflage, scoping out

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Women’s Community League Announces Fall/Winter Events

As Weston hits the re-start button after a summer swanning around other places, the Women’s Community League of Weston has announced its fall and winter calendar. In addition, don’t forget to ante up on your membership dues and support the scholarship drive. Do it now before it’s time to buy popcorn from Scouts and athletes and get hit up by

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Weston School Bus Routes – Yay for the Big Yellow Bus

Tick-tock says the end of summer clock–Weston School Bus Routes have been announced and are available for perusal on this page: As a reminder, elementary schools begin the day at 8 am and dismiss at 2:20 pm while high school and middle school start at 8:45 am and dismiss at 3:15 pm. If you want to be impressed, note

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