Some Ideas to Escape the Heat Thursday

Baby, it’s hot outside. São Luis de Maranhão, Brazil

I’m melting! I’m melting! Yes, New England, you are. This is the time of year when moving to Canada starts looking really good and all your complaints about snow and cold and blah blah wind chill seem ridiculous. And yet, after this week, sunset is before 8 pm and you are only 114 days from Thanksgiving. Almost time to brine the turkey. Public school kids are 29 days from school start. The Owlets are less than three months away from driving. If I were you all, I’d say goodbye to the northside for a while–it is going to get risky.

In any case, it looks like Thursday is going to be a doozy of heat and so why not find a nice cool thing to do? Yes, Memorial Pool and Valley Pond are open, as is the Wayland Town Beach. Your neighbors have pools. Get in them. Ask first. Don’t forget that Waltham is the world capital of Spray Parks: the full listing is here. Please note that I don’t know if any of these have been closed due to the ongoing drought and water restrictions.

Keep your pets in the air conditioning. And if you don’t have any A/C, it’s time to toddle off to some of these places:

Weston Public Library. Get yourself a steamy novel and curl up on one of the couches under the stained glass windows. Fine, they also have wifi if you must work. Check out the August Art Exhibit: Navigating Flight! by artist Laurie Bogdan from Arlington. At 7 pm, you can catch the book launch of Dr. Henry’s newest poetry collection (Owl here).

Owl by Laurie Bogdan.

Weston Art & Innovation Center. It’s time for a “Sessão da Tarde” movie escape on Thursday from 1:30-4 pm in the Reading Room at the AIC. This Beautiful Fantastic is on deck and the description is hilarious with “mild British profanity” (maybe someone will be called a “cow’ or a “git”) and “twee stylization”. Sounds fun. More about the movie and registration info at the link.

Concord Museum: Does the whole thought of going all.the.way into Boston to get to a museum wear you out? Don’t forget we have one of the best small museums around just up the street in Concord. The April 19, 1775 galleries have been re-done, there is an exhibit on birds, and the museum store has some great gift-y items so you can get ready for Christmas (145 days away). Have a lemonade down the street at the Colonial Inn. More info here.

Danforth Art Museum at Framingham State. Fancy a wander amongst this year’s best New England artworks? Head down the street to Framingham and check out the Juried Exhibition there. And no Boston parking woes. More info here.

Town Hall and the Police Station Community room will be open as cooling stations. Know the signs of heat exhaustion and keep yourself and others safe.

Keep cool, Weston!

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