Draw, Quilt, Stab: Weston AIC Fall Calendar is Up and Registration Open

Owls draw. Badly, but they draw. The AIC will fix that.

On Friday August 5, the latest Weston Art & Innovation Center (AIC) newsletter was sent out, and with it, all the random hopes and dreams of the Owl as creative genius were reignited. Quilting class? Yes, I would love to be able to quilt but methinks my patience level is low. Needle felting? So much fun and yet very stabby for someone who is not very coordinated. Drawing and painting class? Aha! This one is just right, and yes, the Owl has taken one of the last three spots in that class (sign up now to enjoy the hilarity of the majority of the Owl’s efforts).

So first of all, sign up for the newsletter–you also find out about area events and happenings like some giant creatures at the Stone Zoo and street art in New Bedford. Also, if you are already a crafty person, consider applying for the Handmade Holiday Market on December 3 (applications due soonish though I did not see the date–notification about entrée (Frenchy) is on September 7, which is Brazil’s Independence Day just fyi)

Then ponder what it is you want to do at the AIC – open maker hours? Drawing and painting class? Needle felting pumpkins that may suffer the same fate as your needle-felted pine trees which your dog assumed were chew toys? Arranging plants from your yard? Or someone else’s yard, perhaps, as mine seems to be mostly clover or was until it was all crisped this summer. Basket weaving? Wait, what? Beaded baskets–these sound really nice except I can’t sign up for basket weaving as it reminds me of jokes in high school about signing up for “Underwater Basket Weaving.” Never mind. Brother Owl gets me.

Somehow this AIC thinks this is in my backyard. Hmmm.

Lots to do. Let your creative you free. Sign up now!

Weston Art & Innovation Center is located at 356 Boston Post Road. http://www.westonaic.org.

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