Give A Hoot: Public Service Suggestion

If you have spent time in Weston these past weeks, you know what I know: it’s ripping hot out there. What you also know is that some folks do not have the luxury of heading out on a schooner, relaxing on a beach or even just mellowing out indoors in the air-conditioning. The Owl was reminded of this disconnect just this morning when a call came in from a concerned resident about our own Department of Public Works and public safety officials out working in the heat.

In case you don’t get to the coveted northside very often, I am specifically referring to the work currently going on at Merriam Street. Paving is done, but the sidewalk is being re-done now, and just this morning I watched three men placing the granite curbs. This wouldn’t be easy on the best of days but add 1,000 degrees to it, and guess how that is going.

The resident I spoke with said that her husband had gotten up at the crack of dawn on Friday to put out a cooler filled with ice and cold water for any of the workers or police who were working on site. Yes, a cooler at the end of a driveway. And it was so well received that our own town engineer commented that it is only the second time in his time with the town that it has ever happened to him, and that they all really appreciated it.

Don’t live on Merriam? Well, pop your little lemonade stand kids into the car with a cooler and drop it off on site. Or find your own neighborhood’s work-in-progress. Consider your own landscapers or workpeople–drop a cooler outside for any who need it. Baby, it’s hot outside.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the flying fuzzies. Last year I created a bee watering station out of a dish with pebbles in it. Bees prefer swampy water, but in case you didn’t notice, there’s not much water of any kind out there. Save the bees. More information here: or here:

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  • That was so great, I have in the past left “items” for my landscape peopple, my sister got me started. People are nice & we do appreciate the work being done on Merriam!

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