Weston Cultural Council Survey: Just Do It

If you’re like the Owl, you probably receive about four requests for survey responses a day. Just today I had to tell the hospital network what I thought of a doctor, the waiting room, the wait time, the color of the paper gown (okay not that) etc etc and I almost gave up about ten times but kept slogging onwards with my clicking.

Also in my inbox was the Weston Cultural Council survey which was about 80 times easier to fill out–took me around 4 minutes, and it’s important. These are local grants for local programs in the arts, sciences and humanities. If you want to see some of 2022’s grants, you can check them out at this link. What’s the Owl’s favorite? Trees. Always with the trees.

This year I want someone to show up with some owls or bugs for a nature program. Anyone want to see an Owlet present about his pollinator research project in Costa Rica? That is not on the survey but would be fun, no? Okay, fun for me.

 Officially now: The Weston Cultural Council is conducting a survey of Weston residents to see what their preferences are for distributing the funding received from both the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Town of Weston to promote programs in the arts, sciences and humanities. The allotment is roughly $10,000 per year, and 12-15 grants are given with those funds.

The survey must close by September 1 in order to update the mission statement online before the 2023 grant cycle opens in September. The survey link is here: 

Please take a moment to complete this anonymous online survey.

As an option, a paper copy of the survey is available at the Weston Town Hall, Weston Public Library as well as the Weston Council on Aging.

For more information, the Cultural Council Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/westonculturalcouncil and you can find them at the town website tab at https://www.weston.org/601/Weston-Cultural-Council.

Let your opinion be known! It’s anonymous and it’s quick. Do it. Right now.

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