Weston School Bus Routes – Yay for the Big Yellow Bus

Tick-tock says the end of summer clock–Weston School Bus Routes have been announced and are available for perusal on this page: https://www.westonschools.org/district/administration/transportation-department/bus-routes/. As a reminder, elementary schools begin the day at 8 am and dismiss at 2:20 pm while high school and middle school start at 8:45 am and dismiss at 3:15 pm.

If you want to be impressed, note bus pick-up times for our Boston students. That is one very long day, even before the Orange Line stoppage issue.

In addition, given bus driver shortages in many communities, please be grateful that Weston’s buses are running. Do say hello to the bus drivers and bring them cookies. Also, realize that buses will NOT run on time on the first day because of the parental effect where five thousand photos must be taken of kids stepping into school buses. Ditto September 1 which is the first day of kindergarten which has both the photo issue and crying people issue. Not usually the kid, but the crying parent.

If your bus is not running on time (arriving at school on time) by week’s end, then you can fill out the bus concern form or send a nice note (and cookies) to the bus barn.

Please drive safely and let the buses in, especially at the Intersection of Doom and Highland.

Go ‘cats!

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