Lincoln Attempts Land Grab by Caprine Methods

Courtesy photo

On a quiet weekend (the last before school start), our neighbors to the north decided to take advantage of our battle Tahoes and Expeditions being otherwise occupied…and invaded. Fortunately, brave Westonians headed off the Lincoln scouts as they streamed into King’s Grant on Friday night.

Dressed in stealthy fuzzy jackets, the scouts at first hid under brushy camouflage, scoping out their chances for a musical interlude. When the vigilant home owner discovered their presence, however, she opened her garage and secured the stealthy beasts inside it while calling for backup from Weston Police.

Eventually, another resident moved the spies to a gated holding cell (greenhouse) and they spent their night in lockup.

After some calls around Metrowest, the goats were identified as Oreo, Milkshake and Choco, locally-famous escape artists. Once hoofprinted and photographed, they were released into the custody of their owner.

Nice try, Lincoln.

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  • So cute! I would love to invite them to my house. I hear goats are great at removing pesky invasives that always seem to give me a horrible rash

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