Women’s Community League Announces Fall/Winter Events

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

As Weston hits the re-start button after a summer swanning around other places, the Women’s Community League of Weston has announced its fall and winter calendar. In addition, don’t forget to ante up on your membership dues and support the scholarship drive. Do it now before it’s time to buy popcorn from Scouts and athletes and get hit up by Weston Forest & Trail Association (ahem) and everyone else.

What is the Women’s Community League of Weston? WCL members are: ” a group of women with a variety of intellectual and social interests, united around the common purpose of working together to positively impact the social fiber and quality of life for those living in Weston and surrounding communities.” (WCL website).

To me, this doesn’t even begin to convey all the positive work they do, including the Winter Festival community event, outreach with community food banks, and of course dining around (I am ALWAYS in favor of dining around). The League has also raised over a million dollars for scholarships and has a long list of positive works done in the last 100 years+ (it was founded in 1919). Please note that their website is being updated so some items are not current (the board members, for example).

For FallWinter 2022, the events include:

The pool party on September 15 kicks off the membership year, and if the Owl weren’t already double-booked with a Weston Soccer game (go ‘cats!) and a Weston Historical Society event, I would so cannonball that. Oh wait, it’s poolside cocktails. Never mind.

Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter where details of all of this are available. You can do that here. Thanks for all you do, WCL!

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