Middle School Sports Update from Athletic Director Mike McGrath

Not actually a Weston fall sport. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There will be some of you who will look at the title of this Owl and think “when will she ever stop talking about school stuff?” The answer is “never.” Go ‘cats!

If you have a middle schooler, you may wish to pay attention to this Owl. The rest of you may wish to pay attention to watering your plants and new trees as this drought thing is getting tiresome. Would you prefer a review of the James Taylor concert I attended last night at the new MGM Music Hall? Fine, no one cares.

Please read the following information, and then if you have a sport-specific question, reach out to Mike McGrath, Athletic Director, at 781-786-5845 or via email at mcgrathm@weston.org. Unless you are questioning which is the best fall sport and then the answer is soccer. Fight me. Not you, football players.

Weston Middle School Fall Sports

Please be sure to register on FamilyID prior to tryouts – Click Here (Be sure to upload a physical. Physicals are good for 13 months)

All team schedules are easily accessible on Arbiterlive – Click Here (The Volleyball schedule has yet to be released. Once it is released it will be uploaded) 

~ Fall Sports offered at Weston Middle School:

  • Football – grades 6th, 7th & 8th
  • Boys & Girls Soccer – grades 7th & 8th
  • Field Hockey – grades 6th, 7th & 8th – if your student is interested in field hockey please reach out to me directly via email
  • Boys & Girls Cross Country – grades 6th, 7th & 8th
  • Girls Volleyball – grades 7th & 8th

Please Note: Soccer & Volleyball are not offered to 6th graders at this time. [Ed: As expected, the Owl has an issue about this age-discriminatory situation, but as my kids sum it up here: no one cares. Don’t get all crazy, Weston, Mike McGrath deals with my feedback every.single.day]

~ Tryouts/Team Practices will begin on Tuesday, September 6th after school

~ Team Locations

  • Football – report to boys locker room (first day)/Field 6
  • Girls Soccer – Bus Barn Field
  • Boys Soccer – Wildcat Field
  • Cross Country – Proctor Field – Track (by the rock)
  • Girls Volleyball – MS Gym

~ Most practices will end by 5/5:15pm (XC tends to end by 4:20pm)

~ Middle School Fall Sports will run 4 days per week with no weekends and one day off during each week. Each coach will decide what day during the week will be the team’s day off. Whatever day is decided upon will stay consistent for that team throughout the season (there may be an occasional week where a game/meet is rescheduled to that team’s day off in which case a different day will be selected for that week).

~ All student-athletes should be able to make their Boston/Weston buses after practices. Pick-up in front of Middle School.

  • 4:30pm (practices that end on the earlier side) – Weston & Boston
  • 5:30pm – Weston & 6:05pm for Boston (practices/home games that typically end between 5/5:15pm)
  • NOTE: Please be aware that many times when a team is playing an away contest buses do not arrive back in Weston prior to late bus departure (due to a number of reasons – traffic, etc.).  If your student is playing away, PLEASE make arrangements for pick-up at school should their bus not arrive in time to catch the late bus home.

~ Communication

  • Information will be sent out on the daily email announcements should there be a game change – location, time, cancelation due to weather, etc., whenever possible (this information will also be communicated to the students through end of the day announcements).
  • Should a coach need to cancel a practice for whatever reason that coach will inform the Middle School Main Office to communicate this information.

Go ‘cats!

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