“In the Balance” Art Ramble at Concord’s Hapgood Wright Forest

Metal String Bump, David Ardito

If you have never been in the Hapgood-Wright Forest in Concord, the Owl recommends that you hippity-hop over there forthwith. Starting yesterday, September 1 until November 13, you can enjoy their annual outdoor art installation, this year with the theme “In the Balance.” There are always thought-provoking displays and of course, this year will be no different, especially considering their write-up about life’s persistence, yipes.

Local Weston artist Paul Angiolillo has two installations. You can read about them, and other artists’ installations here.

Paul Angiolillo, Family #1

“In the Balance” is an outdoor exhibition of dynamic artworks that express a striving to regain balance with their surroundings, and to bridge the growing chasm between the loss of habitat and life’s persistence. The acceleration of climate change has reached the point of overpowering and upsetting the carefully balanced ecosystems of our surviving forests. The ground beneath our feet is literally slipping away. This artwork responds accordingly. Sound pieces, installation, sculpture, and poetry suggest recombinations, contortions, and orientations toward a new hybrid, symbiotic and sympathetic relationship with nature. Taking inspiration from the forest’s ability to regenerate itself over time, and the ability of the natural world to adapt under challenging conditions, how can we synchronize our existence with these restorative processes as we follow the path that lies before us? How do we live life in the balance?

Art Ramble is an annual, temporary exhibition in the Hapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, MA, a collaboration of The Umbrella Art Center and Concord’s Division of Natural Resources (CDNR). Following Leave No Trace principles, regional artists create site-specific artworks promoting appreciation of nature, installed along Fairyland Pond and parts of the historic Emerson-Thoreau Amble connecting Concord Center to Walden Pond.

Participating Artists:

  • Paul Angiolillo
  • Dave Ardito
  • BARD
  • Laurie Bogdan
  • Bill Cohn
  • Robert Greene
  • Carolyn Enz Hack
  • Belen Millan
  • Wanda Strukus
  • J.D. Trejo-Maya
  • Rebecca McGee Tuck

Hapgood Wright Forest is located in Concord across the street from our nemesis hyphenated high school, Concord-Carlisle. More information can be found in this brochure.

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