CANCELED: WeStar “Mid-Autumn Festival”

Photo from 2021 event: all photos courtesy of WeStar

Update 9/17/2022: This event has been canceled.

WeStar’s “Mid-Autumn Festival” is happening Sunday, September 18 from 2 – 5 pm on the Town Brown Green. The date was moved due to an incoming weather event for Labor Day.

The Owl is trying to get over the “Mid” and the “Autumn” terminology as it hardly seems like autumn given the weather, and “mid” would imply that I have to start looking at turkey recipes. I do hope they are aware of the Mum/Pumpkin Bylaw. Bottom line is that the Owl is willing to throw policy to the wind if an event involves snacks of any kind.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to get together for some fun. There will be family fun games and fruits and snacks for the hungries. There is no charge for the event, and all are welcome!


About WeStar, a nonprofit corporation: Our mission is to build bonds among members of the Chinese community in Weston through various events. Our specific purposes and objectives are as follows:

+Celebrate Chinese Traditions

+Sponsor and/or organize events promoting cultural exchange and inheritance

+Sponsor and/or organize events enriching the lives of Weston residents and those in the surrounding communities.

+Fundraise and aid in the relief of important issues such as natural disasters, epidemics, and others as they effect the Chinese community.

You can learn more at their website here.


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